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Explore The Bay!

   The Avila Beach Boat Charters is a great way to experience Avila Beach whether your a tourist or a local of 20+ years. Taking the Seaweed name from the massive kelp beds that grow along our coastline. The company offers fun 1 hour Zodiac boat tours of Avila Beach.
Rugged Shoreline only a Zodiac can access!
   Natural cave formations along the shoreline are exciting to explore. There is some added adventure as the boat rides the tides and surfs the currents to get nice and deep. Depending on the tides different caves are exposed and open for discovery.

An Abundance Of Marine Life!

All tours are eco-friendly and you're likely to see marine life that includes many migratory and annual birds, seals, sea lions, otters,  dolphins  and whales.

An Amazing History Of The Bay!